2016 Event


September 12, 2015,  129 made history in the diving community

-1699Days -2Hours -52Minutes -23Seconds

On September 10, 2016 join the Wave!

150 women are going to beat our own world record for simultaneous immersion of the largest number of female divers and free divers 

The ladies will jump in the water for the largest subaquatic gathering of female divers ever recorded. If you only need a raindrop in the water to created wave, then when all of us come together, imagine what we can create!

Women Overboard, is…

  • Establishing a new international record
  • Meet passionate and fascinating female divers
  • An occasion to make bubbles, with a bottle or snorkeling!
  • All the details of the event here

So let’s jump in ladies!

September 10, 2016 | 08:00 | Morrison Quarry, Quebec, Canada



Participation prizes (8000$ and more):

  • 2100$ wreck relation with Ocean quest 
  • 2800$ Equipments Aqualung
  • 1250$ light Orca
  • 700$ Scubasurface – 80p3 aluminium – 2 lights c8eled – 1 myfloat – 1 light light canon
  • 400$  Aqualung i300 – La boutique du plongeur
  • 250$ Training apnée Apneacity
  • 250$ Photo on plexiglass de Nathalie Lasselin
  • 255$ 3 x  Charter Brockville ABUCS
  • 210$ Close encounters day – Ocean quest
  • 200$ 5 annual memberships H2o Lanaudière
  • 200$ Total Diving – 80p3 aluminium
  • 130$ 5 paire de billets pour le centre de la biodiversité du Québec
  • 100$ carte cadeau La gaillarde
  • 75$ Charter Eco dive
  • 200$  5 package of dive weight
  • 100$  Jill Heinerth 2 x livre cave diving
  • Serviette Femmes à la mer
  • Rabais 30% sur location équipement et remplissage pour l’évènement  Nepteau

Capture d’écran 2016-09-06 à 18.22.28

The event in short

Morrison Quarry

How to get ready? Or Nathalie’s reminder, so you don’t forget anything…

– My Quebec Diving Card MANDATORY ( if you don’t have it, visit your favorite diving store, the temporary card (with presentation of a log for 10 cold water dives) is 5,75$
– My complete diving equipment (the water is cold, no…damn cold under 25′)
– An oxygen bottle on which you will have put a tape with your name and your group number.  
– Your reusable water bottle, filled.

– Your snacks for the day
– Towel, makeup and whatever makes you happy during the day.

– Warm clothing in case the sun plays tricks on us.
– Your risk acceptation form; printed and filled out.

How is it going to work when we get there?
08:15:  When you arrive with your carpool friends, we will show you the parking (see the map below).

1- Go to the welcome tent where you will show:
– 1 Your Quebec diving certificate MANDATORY
– 2 Your printed risk acceptance form (download here).
– 3 Deposit your diving card ( which you will get back after. )
We will give you:
– A gift, well… 2 ( what? We’re good, really good)
– Your T-shirt
– Your tag with Twrap to put on a visible spot on your vest
– 2 tickets for the draw ( You keep 1 and put the other in the box)
Then you put your equipment in the space designated for your group.

09:30 : Meeting of the dive leaders for a briefing?

09:45- Go, in your diving suit, to the spot designated for your group.   Spaces are set up to leave your diving equipment with your flippers and mask. We will have strong arms and a few trolleys to help. You can put on your superdiver-recordwoman suit at your car and go to your group’s spot. There will be a lot of us and communication will be a real challenge. We are counting on you to get to your group’s spot as fast as possible to be ready for all of us to jump in together.

The groups
The groups will be of 10 people max with a dive leader per group. The group will get in the water as soon as all of you are ready. Don’t forget to do a buddy check. You will get your group number the week before the event.

10:15- Getting in the water
Since we’re doing a simultaneous immersion, it is important for everybody to get dressed at the same time so nobody has to wait on the surface for a long time. Volunteers will help you on the docks. Once you’re in the water, get to the buoy bearing your group number and get really, really excited because in a few minutes we will establish a new WORLD RECORD.

11:00- Countdown
Once the last group is in. We will give you the immersion signal, which is a siren: Once in, enjoy the dive. What you’ll mostly see is all these ladies who just made history with you. Take pictures!!

12:00- End of dive
Once the immersion done, we ask you not to stay in the water for more than an hour, but come back before if you want to. When exiting the water, make sure a volunteer takes your tag number.

12:45- Yeah we did it: Group Picture

Once the dive is done, take the time to put your gear in the car and join us close to the docks with your Women Overboard t-shirt to commemorate the moment. The media will be there as well.

13:00- Participation prizes draw.
Don’t go too far after the picture, we’ll have the draw for the participation prizes.

14:00- We’re not done!
To finish the day, we will have a huge communal BBQ.

Emergency and logistics
– Next to the welcome tent, you can find tent for emergencies, questions and the lost-and-found.
– If YOU HAVE A PROBLEM OR FEEL ill UNDERWATER OR ON THE SURFACE, SIGNAL THE SURFACE SCOUT AND TRAINED VOLUNTEERS WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU (THEY WILL BE WEARING RED T-SHIRTS). On the surface we will have scouts on the water and close to the docks to ensure your safety and be ready to intervene.

– If you witness an emergency situation, signal it if it has not been done, otherwise give us some room to handle the situation.


Site map

I invite you to take pictures and videos and to send them to us after the event.


Thanks to each and every one of you in taking part in this feat which honors all women.

Looking forward to diving with you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nathalie Lasselin 
and all the volunteers.