Our mission

The mission

Women Overboard, is commitment to:

  • Promote physical activity and pushing one’s self physically in women
  • Raise public awareness about gender equality
  • Assemble and involve the diving and free-diving female community
  • Bring awareness to the richness and fragility of the aquatic world, here and abroad.


Where does the idea come from?

Women Overboard is an initiative created by Nathalie Lasselin (technical diving and cave diving instructor, movie maker and explorer).

Nath Lasselin had been thinking about the idea of creating an event for female divers for many years. As a technical diver and explorer, she never understood why there was a distinction between men and women. Why is this so often such a big deal? Of course we are different, but there are small men and strong women. So… It’s time to show that we can dive just as well!

Amongst 100 000 projects, this idea stuck in a corner of her mind until the day she had coffee with Daphné Laurier Montpetit, the former editor-in-chief of the En profondeur diving magazine. When Nath told her about the project, right away she saw in Daphné’s eyes the reflection of the waves and bubbles! So they happily and joyfully created this event, simply for the pleasure of saying that we, women divers and free-divers, brave the elements and put on our diving suits to submerse ourselves in the depths of the oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and quarries just like men do. This is how the first edition of Women Overboard was born: from the passion, determination and a little crazy spark you find in Québec. On September 12th, 2015, 129 women submerged simultaneously in the quarry waters.

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Why, Women Overboard?


No! We are not evil witches of the sea! Women Overboard is a gathering of divers and free-divers geared toward women who practice these activities.

We’ve always heard about “frogmen” and great explorers such as Cousteau, but unfortunately we forget the contribution women bring to diving and free-diving. But they are there these women divers, and they’re making waves!

It is to show that women are active; to celebrate female diving and to get together to have a good time diving that we created Women Overboard.

Gentlemen, you are more than welcome to visit! Come and support your spouses, friends, sisters and diving partners…