Thanks to your help and support, we are reaching our goal.

You would like to offer us technical support or prizes for our raffle participation prizes, material or money sponsorship? Contact us! We will be happy to offer you different visibility options before, during and after the event. Find the details on the Partnership page.

One drop at a time, we will make September 10th a unique event that will remain etched in our memories.



Lots of prizes to win


  • 2300$ Ocean Quest: 1 voyage plongée Terre neuve et 1 sortie aux baleines
  • 2000$  Aqualung equipment
  • 1265$  Orca torch light
  • 250$  apneacity training certificate
  • 250$ diving weight
  • 100$ chez La Gaillarde
  • 1  Charter pass with Ecodive – Valleyfield (75$)
  • 1 Charter pass with Abucs scuba diving – Brockville (85$)
  • Towels with logo de Femmes à la mer ( 100$)
  • 5 pass to visit centre de la biodiversité du Québec. (130$)
  • et d’autres prix bientôt annoncés

OUR 2016 Partners


PREMIUM (2000$ and more)

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GOLD (1000$ – 1999$)

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Partner Search

It is with enthusiasm that we present Women Overboard, an event of hope and transcendence where determination and good humor will enable us to go a little further. An event that celebrates women, the environment and physical activity.  We hope to count your company among our team of partners and beat our own record here in Quebec.

Nearly half of certified divers each year are women. It is with the goal of bringing these women together, raising public awareness to gender equality and to promote physical activity and surpassing oneself women style that Women Overboard was created.

September 12th, 2015, 129 women divers and free-divers 
gathered in the Kahnawake quarry in order to establish the record for the largest number of woman simultaneously immersed in cold water.

More than a record, this event was an opportunity to bring together the women divers community for a day of activities, conferences, participation prizes (7000$) and meeting opportunities. Proceeds from the day were donated to: Women’s Centre of Montréal.


Women Overboard is for any woman practicing diving, whether bottled or snorkeling. The Quebec federation of Underwater Activities (FQAS) estimates that more than 15,000 divers hold a valid certificate and certify more than 5,000 new divers each year. Of these, nearly 50% are women. The average diver is between the ages of 24 and 45 and has an average annual income of over $40,000.

The idea

It is from Nathalie Lasselin, renowned filmmaker and technical diving instructor, that comes the original idea for this event. She had long dreamed of assembling her diving compagnions in establishing a record.

The project

Diving activities for women being very rare or nonexistent in Quebec, Women Overboard aroused keen interest on social media since its first edition. 129 women took part in the dive with the help of 20 volunteers. In 2016, we expect no less than 250 women.

The partners

The team of Women Overboard is currently seeking partners to contribute in the realization of this extraordinary event, either financially or by exchange of services. The event wanting to be original, environmentally friendly and focused on promoting women, we are looking to surround ourselves with companies that reflect these values.

Your company being a leader in its field, distinguished by the value brought to its clients, we hope to rally your organisation to our project. It is as a member of our team that we hope to welcome you to our team, and that’s why we focus on an advantageous agreement for each partner. So, to thank your involvement, we are able to offer different visibility options before, during and after the event. We invite you to consult the table below which summarizes the different options.

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Media coverage and event visibility

Often, projects like ours get coverage from local and national television stations, radios, newspapers and magazines. Also, we guarantee visibility in:

  • An official website
  • Francophone and anglophone diving community social networks
  • Publication in the Diving Almanac
  • Articles in diving magazines
  • Displays in dive shops

Thank you to our 2015 partners!

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