Want to get involved?

Luckily, we’re looking for volunteers just like you!

  • Rescue Divers, Dive masters and diving instructors
  • Surface aids
    • Divers and non divers to help with the organization, registration, assembly and disassembly of equipment
  • Any other talent you would like to use to help us!

Everyone is welcome to come lend a hand!
Contact us at info@femmesalamer.org to join our team of volunteers

You can also spread the word!  Tell the diving community that we are organizing a premiere event to establish an International Record.  

Beyond the record-breaking, Women Overboard is a scuba diving promotional event for women who dare to take the plunge on September 12th, 2016.

Will you be part of it?

The Team

Nathalie Lasselin
Organiser and project initiator


Underwater film-maker, tech and explorer diving instructor. Out of curiosity and to share her findings with all those who will never access these treasures of the earth, Nathalie Lasselin always liked pushing the limits just to see what’s beyond. Although she often walks with a ton of equipment that weighs more than she does, she is like most women, sensitive to cold: the greatest and only inequality, in her opinion, between men and women. The desire, perseverance and just believing in ourselves, drive us to do things that make us happy.



2016 Volunteers

Graphic designer – logo: Maude Bienvenue designer
Webmaster: Pixnat 
Translation: Renaud Storme, Geneviève Gosselin


In 2015,

A team of about 20 volunteers came to lend a hand in the organization, security and overall event.

Thank you to all and especially Daphne Laurier Montpetit who was a co-organizer.Daph a la mer